A lot!

I’m currently very busy finishing the first characters and cleaning up the scenes from the promo screenshots so that they are usable as actual games scenes in the engine, furthermore works on the video for Kickstarter have begun, so hopefully I can start the campaign in a couple of weeks.

The will feature roughly 15 characters (including the two playable protagonists) and 40 scenes.

There’s also potential good news on the technical front: While the Wintermute Engine I’m using for H.P. Lovecraft’s Dagon has native support for Windows, Mac and iOs only, the scummVM team is working on support for Wintermute, and it’s currently looking very good. What does that mean? ScummVM is available for a broad range of platforms, so in case Dagon is compatible with the ScummVM port in theory it should be possible to port Dagon e.g. to Android and Linux – this is not confirmed yet now, but I’m already mildly excited :-)

And as a little reward for reading through this, here is a new teaser image

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